Do Blog do uKit em inglês:

"...It is highly encouraging to have a new language localization added each month for these past three months. We are definitely looking to expand, adding more languages in the future and making uKit more accessible to everybody around the world. For now though, our plan is to focus on these four, at least till the end of 2015, and make our users who speak these languages really happy and engaged.

We have experienced a very high interest in website creation from Romania on uCoz, our 10-year-old free website builder. It is available in 14 languages including Romanian which was added in July 2011, along with the domain localization. Since then, tens of thousands of websites in the Romanian language have been created and almost 2% of the entire Romanian speaking Internet population has registered on uCoz. Romanian, a Latin-based language is spoken as the first and second language by about 28 million people around the world, most of them inhabiting Romania and Moldova. The number of Romanian speaking Internet users is over 15 million, and since there are over 0.3 million small businesses that don’t have a website yet, we feel there might be a good potential for growth.


Com o lançamento da versão romena do uKit, os usuários receberão suporte técnico em sua língua natal, além de encontrar toda a interface e designs dos sites em romeno.

Romênia, bem-vindos ao clube uKit!

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